Pete works as a Freelance researcher in the charity sector, and lives in South London with the world's best editorial consultant, her piano, and a small hairy dog called Smudge.

I just decided to try the YUI Rich Text editor, because I had heard nice things about it. However a brief test with it this morning revealed that it produces truly horrible markup!

It doesn't take much editing to start spitting out <span> and <div> tags all over the shop.


I can't believe the value for money. A fully functioning iPod dock, compatible with you existing stereo system, for just £4.99.

This is surely a Must Have Best Buy 2009 Editor Recommended Pick TM. Perfect for beating the credit crunch.

And so green too - no need to junk the old stereo. Smugisfaction guaranteed - also works with iPhones.

I liked the idea of Sotak's calendar icons, but the colours didn't fit in with my theme, and I wanted the text to be a little easier to read, and to include the year.

So I made my own:

DEC 31 1999
JAN 22 2008
FEB 9 2025
MAR 22 2008
APR 22 2008
MAY 2 2025
JUN 31 2008
JUL 22 2008

Rather than an icon for each month, this technique uses just 1 background image (.png and psd attached) and a slightly modified template.php. Everything else can be styled with CSS.

With a bit of imagination, and a couple of tweaks to the function, and a few lines of CSS these icons can be very flexible. Different colour for articles over a year old? No problem. Colour coded by taxonomy? Sorted.

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