Pete works as a Freelance researcher in the charity sector, and lives in Kent with the world's best editorial consultant and her piano. If he had anything interesting to say, this is where he would say it.
What are we going to do tonight Gordon Brain?

The same thing we do every night Darling - try to take over the banks

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  • I'm still tweeting, but website won't update. So long and thanks for the fishy terms of service Twitter... 1 year 31 weeks ago
  • Entrance to Victoria underground station currently closed, why don't @TFLtravelalerts ever announce this? 1 year 41 weeks ago
  • Back from hols. Diary for tomorrow says "Data Monday" hard work on UK Civil Society Almanac 2013 begins in earnest 1 year 43 weeks ago
  • @FionaPSDN I love that NHS infographic - now I understand, these are not "top down" reforms, they are "middle out" 1 year 45 weeks ago